18 May 2009

+ Tag dr wani+

hahaha... ni 1st time ni ak di TAG.. hahaha ngeng nye wani.. saba je la aku

1. what have u been doing recently
online ar... ape lg

2.do u ever turn your cellphone off
wut for? no way.. nnt i rendu my yang..hehe

3.what happened at 10am today
baru bgn tdo.. hahaha

4.when did u last cry
erm..yesterday.. when i kiss my paklong :..(

5.believe in fate/destiny
yes yes

6.what do you want in your life now
my life.. leh tak?

7.do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood.
ofcoz! nnt demam

8.whats your fav thing to do on the bed.
sleep of coz!

9.what bottoms are u wearing now
nk kne bgtw ke?

10.whats the nicest thing in your inbox
"yela syg, cinta sy hanya tok ana" aauuwww

11.do you tend to make a relationship complicated

12.are u wearing anything borrowed from anyone
kadang2.. hahaha selipar je pn..

13.whats the last movie you caught
the uninvited kot.. lupe la

14.what are u proud of
me? hahaha
(i can b ur role model if u wish for)

15.what does the oldest text msg in ur inbox say
ade byk sgt

17.what does the newest text say.and from who
ala..lupe.. sbb da delete

18.what time did u go to bed last nyte
ntah.. tdo xtgk jam

19.are you currently happy.
always :D

20.who gives u the best advice
mama ofcoz!

21.do you eat whipped cream straight from the can
ape 2? cm xpnah je

22.who did u talk on da phne last nyte

23.is sumtin bugging u now

24.who was the last person to make u laugh
sape ntah... hahaha


wani | arale said...

baeknye wani en.
bg tag kt angah.

saya.ana said...

perli eh...